Ruth Evershed was the fictional Intelligence Analyst seconded from GCHQ to MI5, featured in the British Television Series Spooks, also known as MI5 in the United States. Ruth was played by Nicola Walker from the time the character joined the show in 2003, until Walker left to have a baby in 2006.

She was introduced to the series as an intelligence analyst, seconded from GCHQ, to work at MI-5. Her supreme intelligence amongst other qualities, quickly made her an established and trusted member of the team. She formed strong bonds with Tom Quinn, Zoe Reynolds, Danny Hunter and in particular Harry Pearce. She mentioned in the episode Surreal World that she studied Classics at Corpus Christi, Oxford, though in the episode in which she exited she says she wrote an essay at university on Offa of Mercia. Ruth lived alone with her cat, Fidget, throughout her time in Spooks. However, a romance started to develop between Ruth and head of the Counter-Terrorism department of MI5, Harry Pearce. In Series 5, the romance came out in the open, and in Episode 3 he finally asked her to dinner. But, ashamed when people started rumours about their relationship, she called it off at the end of the episode.In the next episode, the romance was almost consummated in an evening scene in the corridor, on the excuse of the Italian Trade Minister (having a party in the room next door) playing his music so loud that neither could get to sleep. However, the moment passed, with Ruth saying "I'll call management to get them to turn the music down", prompting a Shakespearean quote from Malcolm: "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."

Episode 5 saw Ruth framed for murder, and faking her own death in order to escape prison. Although Harry was willing to go to prison in order to save her, she sacrificed herself so he could continue to fight for MI5. Meeting for their final goodbye, Harry tried to declare his love for Ruth but she told him to leave it as 'something wonderful, that was never said.' She and Harry shared a goodbye kiss as she left on a barge to venture into the unknown.

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