Helen Flynn, played by Lisa Faulkner, was a fictional administrative officer in the British BBC spy drama Spooks.

Flynn joined Section D as a new recruit not long before January 2002. In the second episode of the first series, Tom Quinn and Section D are investigating a possible race-hate case and decide to go undercover posing as teachers of a computer course in order to get further information from the wife of the suspected ring-leader. The original teachers whom the spooks were to take the place of were man and wife, meaning Tom will need a wife to go undercover with him. Zoe Reynolds would normally have taken such a position but was completing an assignment with Tessa Phillips. Through being the flatmate of Danny Hunter and seeing files during her administrative duties, Helen was keen to move up through the ranks of the service and was eager to play Tom's wife on the operation.

Unfortunately, Tom and Helen were discovered as spies while in the field and were taken to a kitchen for interrogation. Helen's hand was dipped into a deep fat fryer and due to Tom's reluctance to divulge information, her head followed. When it was removed, she was shot by a henchman.

Zoe later took Helen's place as Danny's flatmate.

Helen's killing drew 154 complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Commission in 2002, the highest number that year.

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