Danny Hunter is a fictional Junior Case Officer in the Counter-Terrorism department of MI5, featured in the British television series, Spooks, also known as MI5 in the United States. Hunter was played by David Oyelowo until the character's death in the final episode of Series 3.

Danny was an impetuous agent, who was chewed out by Harry Pearce and punished after he was found altering details of his credit card history using MI5 resources. Nevertheless he revealed himself able to make good decisions in high pressure environments, particularly when going undercover as a trader at a bank.

Danny had a mutual attraction with fellow agent Zoe Reynolds, but she had a relationship with a phtographer while he had not moved on the relationship. This culminated in a marriage proposal. Danny was jealous of this, but did not begrudge the pair their relationship, even going as far as to provide Zoe's location to her fiance when she was on the run.

He met his end in the last episode of season 3, when he and Fiona Carter were captured by terrorists. The head terrorist was about to execute her after her husband, Adam Carter, refused to make a decision as to which one of them was to be killed. After murmuring a silent prayer, Danny deliberately provoked the terrorist in a moving final speech, mocking the terrorist for losing his humanity and sense of pity, and finally cursing him, saying "Fuck you, you death worshipping fascist!" The infuriated terrorist promptly shot Danny in the head, but he had succeeded in his aim in saving Fiona for Adam's sake.

The last scene in that episode saw Ruth Evershed, fellow MI5 agent, confirming that he was dead and cradling his head in grief. The first episode in the next season saw the cast attending his funeral, but this was interrupted by an explosion in London. They were forced to leave, with Ruth particularly reluctant to do so, but in the end was persuaded by Harry Pearce.

This was also the last episode in which Sam appeared. She is never mentioned again, but it can be conjectured that Danny's death was the final straw that broke the camel's back for her, having seen Tom and Zoe having to leave earlier that season.

Hunter joined Section D in June 2000.

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